Performance based SEO - Step by Step Introduction

Let us make clear how performance based SEO works. It is not just "I want to be ranked hight for that keywords" and we begin and you pay for results. Yes, in some situatins can work like that if your website does not need onpage otpimization and you dont require deep analysis. But more often it works different way. Let's see step by step how that works:

Goal Analysis; Website Analysis; Keyword & Competition Research:
In this stage we need to communicate a lot. To see your expectations, goals, is your website optimized good, analyse competition and so on. After you give us your keywords suggestions we will analyze that and suggest to add or remove some of them if we think that some of them are not cost effective as in first campaign we will try to give you the best for your budget, not just what you think is good. Also it is important to know about your willing to improve your website and will you listen and implement all of our suggestions as that have much influence on our performance. For example, one keyword will be much easier to rank if you "fix" and optimize some pages for that keyword. If we have assurance that you will do that our price will be much lower for that particular keyword than if we need to "push" unoptimized page!

Defining prices per keyword
After we set a deal of which keyword we will promote on google we will set separate price for each keyword we target! Depending on your current positions we will set the prices in milestones so you pay for each keyword after milestone is achieved. It is important to say that in this performance based SEO package we will make a deal only up to top10 of google. It's to early to set all the prices so much in advance and targeting top of the first page will happen only after we are close to page one or in top10. This is because nobody can predict 100% what amount of money will be needed for top3 positions so if you would like from us to guarantee that we would need to set very high price. Because of that prices for top positions will be defined when you are already ranked good and we really "feel" your business and niche! Here is an example of how milestones will be set per keyword (of course this could be tweaked per your requirements):

  • Top100 - 10%
  • Top50 - 10%
  • Top30 - 15%
  • Top20 - 25%
  • Top10 - 40%

SEO Audit, OnPage Optimization & Initial Costs:
For budgets (sum of all the targeted keywords in top10) below $10.000 initial costs are $550. That initial includes SEO audit and delivering document with suggestions on how to improve your website to achieve good onpage optimization level, and unlimited email/messenger consultations. Later, you pay only for achieved results. For budgets of more than $10.000 there is no separate costs but you will need to pay 10% for first milestone (later, it is counted like you paid for positions so first milestone is paid in advance). Advanced payment is negotiable and it depends on current optimisation level.

Important notices:
All the prices and milestons are negotiable. As every SEO campaign is different than another we cannot make precise schedule and payment in advance. Because of that we strongly suggest to contact us and even suggest payment model you prefer. We are open to any suggestions when performance based SEO is in case!

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